Friday, February 1, 2013

Something REALLY BIG is happening Sunday, and here's what's on my wish list!

Super Bowl Sunday is a huge event across the country for millions of fans! Families and friends gather for a much loved yearly ritual to cheer for their favorite team.  It's a special American tradition that seems like it has been around forever!
In this spirit,  I would like to celebrate another American tradition...America's teachers!
Thousands of us all over the country support our families at home, and our little school families.  We cheer on as each student goes beyond the goals we set for them as we continue to strive to make learning a joyful experience that will last a lifetime.  Teachers across the nation are taking a leadership role in creating resources to meet the specific needs of each teacher's lesson plans.  Gone (thank goodness) are the days of buying an expensive resource book just for the few pages we need out of it.  Marvelous resources  can be found every day at TpT that truly enhance teaching and learning in every classroom! Here is what will be one of several items in my shopping cart on Super Bowl Sunday! This is a wonderful Valentine themed unit from Marsha at .  My students will go wild when they see the activities from this unit, and I will have the peace of mind knowing each activity is well grounded in the Common Core.  I plan to make my purchase on Sunday, because...

Sunday is a One Day ONLY Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! Check out Marsha's unit, and while you are there, browse my store too! 

This is my newest packet for Transition to Handwriting Paper!
and another packet for helping kids to remember the 
3 Things Writers Do
And my best seller

Be sure to use the code: SUPER to get an additional 8% off! For top quality resources for kindergarten, visit the following Teachers' Stores via the Linky below! Have fun! addition to the sale, you can get a FREE item if you buy 3 others at the sale and discount prices!
There is also a free sampler of my CCSS K Math Journal for Measurement

And here is my Currently...