Friday, February 22, 2013

Reflections...A view of my room this year, and what will I do differently?

This year has been absolutely SPECTACULAR in every kids are awesome...writers workshop and math are successful, handwriting is blooming, and we have really rocked the owl theme the entire year! Here are some pics I took before school "happened".

I have to say that not much will change next year, except: Poms must MOVE! I am in love with my poms, and they have been a great resource as well with the cute oval signs I made.  However, they are in the way at times, and do tend to make the whole roomscape look too busy.  Next year the poms will be featured on my
smartboard wall as 3-D "polkadots" :) with the little signs below them.  What do ya think? I am thinking LOVE!!!


Now...imagine my new pom display above the smartboard area in my room, near those cute alphabet signs by Ladybugs Teacher Files! If you like the little owl color signs they can be found here.

Other areas in my room will remain the same.  The table skirt and buckets have been a huge hit this year, and they are holding up nicely!


 Our Math Wall has worked, and so have the oval clip chart and rules signs! You can find the signs here!

  My desk area??? YES! That will definitely remain the same! Can we say BEAUTIFUL! I added colorful crate organizers as shelving after this pic was taken, but it is everything I need at hand, so it stays!

The cute border on my desk is part of the dots on chocolate collection from CTP! The cute display on my wall can be found here!

Library Center? Yes, It stays!
Tablecloth is compliments of Big Lots ($3).  Chair pockets are all me! 2 Queen size flat sheets and pretty ribbon from Hobby Lobby! See how to make them here! Chair Pocket ppt
 Organizers and trash baskets for each table? YES!

Reading wall (sorry about the fuzzy pic) This works well for me.  It is behind my small group table, and is handy for pulling off to review, etc.  The cards are magnetic, so they stick to my magnetic chalkboard (an obsolete item, other than making a great surface for magnetic display and centers).
Here is my cute Owl that welcomed everyone this year...she needs updating, so I'll remake her next year!

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