Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Fun!!! Winter Animals and Plants, Walrus projects, and more!

This has been such a fun two weeks with my kiddos! They are such little sponges, and are some of the most original thinkers I've ever met!
First off! We made some super cute walruses that Mrs. H found on Pinterest, but we tweaked them a bit by making them out of crayon textured white construction paper.  We tried the paint on paper plates, but didn't get the rough skin texture of a real walrus, so everyone decided to color with all their might and make the skin paper for our project.  This took a major amount of elbow grease, but everyone agreed that we all had stronger muscles afterward :) .   Here are pics of our real-skin walruses!

And you have to check out this exercise vid that my kids have adopted as their favorite one to date!

Next week we will continue to study animals and plants and what they do or look like during winter.