Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Possibilities Linky! Welcome Guest Blogger Danielle from Crayonbox Learning!

Happy New Year!

My name is Danielle,  I am the owner of Crayonbox Learning. I'm really excited to be a Guest Blogger for Maggie's Kinder Corner!   I'd like to share a little bit about myself.  

I live on a small farm in Arkansas, where I raise a herd of Alpine dairy goats.  I've been creating learning materials since 1999.  I began creating learning resources to help children in my classes that had learning challenges, as well as severe behavioral issues.  I found out early on that these children took an active interest in learning, and excelled when they had materials that were theme based, and engaging. The learning materials that I create feature my own hand drawn images and designs.

Since I live on a farm,  I like to create learning resources that have a farm based theme.  One of my favorite packets is about Hatching Chicks.  Many classrooms across the country incubate eggs as part of their science unit and raise chicks.  I developed this packet to enhance the exisiting curriculum, especially for classrooms that do incubate chicks in the classroom.  The packet features printable learning resources, including a chicken life cycle ring book and full sized chicken life cycle posters. The product description will detail all of the items included in the packet.

Link to product:

Since it's the new year,  many of my friends and colleagues begin talking about being more organized.
One of my favorite organizational tips for organizing learning resources is to use view binders.  I keep a view binder for each month, and a separate view binder for the larger themes.  I use the view binders because they have a plastic cover for which I can slip down a colorful theme based cover and spine label so that I know exactly what is in each binder at a glance.

Included in each binder:  All of my notes/plans, drawings, and sample worksheets.  If I become inspired by pictures in magazines or other resources, I make a copy of that page and I include it as well.  I generally add a comment or note on the pages to be able to recall what inspired me.

The view binders fit nicely on a bookshelf or can be stored in a “milk crate.” by season.  The milk crates will stack up in a closet if space is smaller.  The best time to find view binders and milk crates is during the “back to school” sales, or when office supply stores are changing out inventory. 

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I'd like to extend a special thank you to Maggie for allowing me to be a Guest Blogger.  I have enjoyed my time here. 
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