Thursday, January 17, 2013

In search of the "perfect" stapler! Can you help a girl out? And...a FLASH Freebie until 10 tonight!

After having found the perfect pencil sharpener (see a pic of it on the right hand side of this page), I am in search of the perfect stapler! None of them seem to work on everything every time! Here is my offer:  If you comment about a stapler you really love, you will be entered in the wonderful giveaway below!
As Greg has already explained...he is at home with the FLEP (LOL) as he likes to call it, and I have either taken a cold on top of just getting over the flu, or I have a case of strep cookin! Blech! In any event, we both decided to make some lemonade out this lemon of a day, so we created two adorable
packs "Gangnam Style"! Who DOESN'T love that song! My little girls are wild about it, and I just couldn't pass up the chance to create a Writer's Workshop/Writing Center pack for February with the super cute clip art from Pink Cat Studio.  I can't wait to print it and see them in action! I know they will be dancing with those cute little characters on their hats!
Greg has created the cutest pack for measuring with the same clip art! Here are both packs! Be sure to leave a comment and direct me to a GREAT stapler, then go over to Kindergarten Smorgasboard for another chance to win! We will be using to determine the winners at 10:00 p.m.
tonight! Good luck!!!

Here is the great Measurement Pack from Greg!