Monday, December 31, 2012

Returning from the brink! Things that work... and a Labeling FREEBIES :)

After having had the flu for going on two weeks, I have been contemplating how I will "battle the bug" in my classroom when we return to school on Friday.  What I have been doing seems to work very well, and that is:
Wipe each table with a Clorox wipe every day!
Keep a box of tissues and a trashcan at each table.
Spray down the interior of the little cans each day, and only use them for paper trash.  All tissues go to the main trash can away from all students! We have an understanding that our little trash cans are not for germy trash, just paper scraps!
Sneeze into a sleeve!!!
DO NOT come to school with fever (a person with fever can infect everyone)

I can still say that I have not missed one day due to illness all year, though I really hated having those sick days during my entire Christmas break!

Another thing I do is drink lots of hot liquids, and never drink from a public fountain.  Sorry kiddos, but that is where a lot of germies are living!

Am hoping and praying that 2013 will be a healthy year for my entire class!

Now, on to the cute little freebie for this week! My class is really into labeling everything, and you can see the positive impact it has when you consider their writing, or when you hear them identify a word in a trade book they have seen during a previous labeling activity.  More power to the labelers of the world!!! Just click on the pic to grab it!