Saturday, December 8, 2012

New 3-D Effects Reindeer Craftivity! Love how these turned out :) Plus FREEBIE light template!

With little time in December to make things, I wanted to have at least two multi-step direction projects for my kiddos to make.  Kinders are still learning to listen, watch the sequence of assembly, then reproduce it on their own.  Even though we think we cannot take time to do these artsy projects, believe me, LEARNING takes place when you make these little craftivities! You see right away who still needs lots of support, and who is independent (elevating them to "expert helper status").  These activities are directly related to a student's ability to orient letters in writing too! So they are totally appropriate for kinder kids! I assemble with masking tape on the back on a large drawing chart during a whole group mini-lesson, then send kids with a set of everything to their tables.  I had some students who had difficulty with orienting the pieces, but it was very successful all in all.  Here is a little lightbulb FREEBIE, and a link to my 3-D Reindeer, and Christmas Lightbulb Craftivities :).  I would love to see photos of yours if you choose to make them! On Monday, we will be making Mr. Greg's Santa "Wind Sock".  I may have my kiddos make a mini version as an ornament! Surprise!
And for more ideas on how to incorporate art into your curriculum (and, yes, it can be CCSS related), go to the TOP site (in my book) for all things "kid art", Debbie Clement's Rainbows Within Reach!

And here is the little lightbulb FREEBIE!