Monday, November 5, 2012

It's FREEBIE Monday at Maggie's Kinder Corner! Today's "special" is Primary Writing Paper

My little ones are really taking off with our writer's workshop time, so we are ready for...TA-DAHHHH...Lines!!! I created this paper with the elephant and mouse graphics to help our little friends learn where exactly the upper and lowercase letters belong when using lines. I am truly smiling from ear to ear at the writing I have seen for the past two weeks! It's like the little wheels finally started turning on their own, and I have had almost half of my students to say, "I can do it myself...don't tell me teacher!" If anything will make your Monday just nearly perfect, it's those words! Here is my paper freebie. If you prefer just one line, leave a comment, and I'll post an alternative to the three lined paper too. I love comments! Let me know how this suits the needs of your students. Hugs, Maggie 
or click on the little black square in the upper right hand corner of the preview screen :)