Sunday, November 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered...and a Happy Thanksgiving to All!

So here is my "have you ever wondered" thought for this Sunday Shout-Out :).
If you have been a teacher for more than fifteen years...and then some (that would be me), then you have seen an amazing switch from mimeograph copies that painted you in purple hues each and every time you needed worksheets for your students.  Oh how I remember the glorious (not) sweet smelling fluid tank that always needed filling when you arrived at the copy room, and the wet stack of papers you carried back to your classroom to dry in short stacks on a table somewhere.  Then came the era of resource books by all of the top teacher resource companies, the classroom magazine subscriptions...and more that required, still yet, more trips to the copy room to make copies--much better than mimeograph, but still a bit inconvenient.  And I would be remiss if I didn't point out how many times I have purchased a book just to get hold of a few pages that I needed for a unit--such a waste, but in my mind it was necessary.
Fast forward to the present day, where copies are only a click or two away.  At the speed of lightning you can choose pages to print, select how many copies (from the comfort of your teacher station in your classroom), and click send.  Voila! Your copies are magically transported to an online printer where they will be waiting when you arrive at the copy room.  I think this is truly magical, and I am truly thankful for the way technology has impacted my teaching.  Even more amazing is the fact that it has made going almost anywhere in the world a reality for my students!
The connections made through blogging are nonetheless as amazing! Because of wonderful teachers around our nation, we are able to share and collaborate in such detail as never possible before.  Our collaboration has enhanced everyone's teaching, and students in this country are continually "blessed" by creative teachers' efforts.  We can customize our teaching to differentiate for our own classes, then share those ideas with the click of a button so others can benefit from our successes.  When I consider how education has changed, I need only to look at sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers to be reminded of how simple it is to tweak my own instruction with a simple mouse click! Let's hear it for those wonderful teachers out there who   make teaching and learning better through collaboration, and through sharing of truly useful, meaningful resources! Today's Shout Out features the following teachers' resources:

From Herding Cats in Kindergarten, Jennifer has created a wonderful Holiday themed Math unit:

You are sure to find plenty of ideas for Math and Literacy Centers with
 from Mrs. Hoffer's Spot.

From Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives, a novel idea! Great any time of the year!

From Pocket Full of Kinders, Mrs. Patterson has so many great activities that are a sure fit for your class:

And finally today, I want to give a shout out to Corinna from Surfin' Through Second who has a terrific writing unit for teaching how to write an opinion piece (I think this would even work for my kinder kids!).

All of these wonderful teachers have aligned their resources with the Common Core Standards, so they are ready to go! Please visit these shops, and follow them while you are there!

Happy Thanksgiving!