Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nonsense Word Fluency Practice NEW!!! And a freebie!

It's getting closer and closer to benchmark time, and my students need all the practice they can get in stating nonsense words.  We changed to DIBELS Next last year, and the new requirements for the NWF assessment dictate that students may not sound-out-loud the letter sounds in words for the test.  Poor babies, we work so hard on sounding out cvc words to read, then have to tell them to only "think" the sounds on the test and only say the whole word.  It's enough to drive a kinder teacher mad! With this assessment in mind, I have created a fall themed powerpoint animation with 18 nonsense words.  Students hold a little paddle in front of their mouths to keep from speaking the sounds out loud, then move the paddle when they hear "gobble-gobble" so they can state the word.  My students have caught on very quickly, and I feel more confident that they will understand what is expected of them on the assessment in December.   You can find this tool in my TpT Store by clicking on the picture below.  Along with this practice, we will be playing Nonsense Word Bingo.  Just click on the pic for this FREEBIE! I hope this tool will help out your kiddos too!
Have a great weekend!

Click the little black box in the upper right hand corner of this preview screen to download :).  Or
click on this link NWF FREEBIE .