Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bucket Seats on the Cheap!!! Here is my version of the 5 gallon bucket seat!

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I have been thinking this over for more than a month, but finally today, I tried it! I had purchased a dotted table cloth for 2.00 from Big Lots back in May, and some clear contact paper.  We went to Home Depot a few weeks ago and purchased five buckets and lids (about 6.00 per set).  I also purchased some vinyl spray craft paint in orange.  Spray paint doesn't last long, so I was happy to use the orange on already orange buckets to cover the HD logo stuff.  While the buckets dried, I cut cardboard circles out, cut fiber fill circles to fit(the fiberfill came out of an old king sized pillow that hubby didn't want anymore), and cut the table cloth and clear contact paper to fit (leaving the dotted cloth and contact paper about 3" larger than the cardboard).  Have you guys heard of Gorilla Duct Tape? It is the most wonderful stuff, lol! I laid the dotted cloth (wrong side up) followed by the fiber fill, then the cardboard circle.  I pulled the dotted cloth (actually plastic) up to the cardboard and taped down with the gorilla tape until the entire circle was upholstered.  Then I peeled off the paper, put the contact paper sticky side up and pulled it up and secured it with the gorilla tape.  All I had to do was turn the gorilla tape inside-out then tape the new cushion to the lid as you see in the picture.  This process took no more than an hour to put together.  The paint dried in 20-30 minutes outside so by the time I had the lids finished, the buckets were ready.  The extra dots on the buckets are scrapbook paper.  I still have to add pink and blue, but adding these dots makes the buckets match the green wall in my room as well as the new chair pockets I am working on.  I finished it off with a simple length of wide dotted green ribbon tied once on each side of the handle.  This is something I would do again since, if the color of my room or theme changes, it is easy to untape and cover with a new fabric.  What do ya think? I am thinking they will hold up pretty well, and just think:   have 5 new places to stash items not currently being used in centers.  My reason for using the vinyl rather than fabric is from past experience with kinder spills or potty accidents.  I know none of you have ever had spills or accidents in your rooms, hee-hee! The sideways file is a mystery.  It was saved right side up on my computer? I added the top pic after finishing all of the buckets.  I also added more dots.  I have lost my circle cutter, so I cut those puppies out by hand! Must get another circle cutter!